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Daniel Ward

Daniel Ward’s polymath approach is born from his passion and appetite for the diversity of music. Born in Los Alamos, NM to a nuclear chemist/conductor, he holds degrees in classical guitar and composition from the University of New Mexico. As a performer and composer, his work spans a wide ranging gamut: flamenco guitar, heavy metal, virtuosic ukulele, classical string quartets and four-hands piano pieces, kid’s music, jazz, commercial jingles, film soundtracks… he has what musicians call “big ears”.
In 2009 he was introduced to the ukulele and all the music inside him found a new home on the four strings. Within a year he was teaching at festivals, translating his flamenco work onto four strings, writing etudes for students and inspiring awe with his fresh take on the most social of stringed instruments. His album “El Ukulele” showcases the breadth and mastery and humor of his approach, and his best-selling books Arpeggio Meditations and Melodic Meditations are favorites with students, teachers and enthusiasts alike. A book of Latin techniques and etudes is coming in 2025.

Daniel enjoys being a contributing editor at Ukulele Magazine, and has written lessons with videos for nearly every issue of publication since 2016.

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